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Frequently Asked Questions

How does 23 Things SCPL work?

This is a self-discovery program that encourages you to take control of your own learning through exploration and play. It is all web-based, so you can access it from any computer. Everyone who participates is encouraged to work together and share discoveries, techniques and “how-to’s”–in person and through their blogs.

Why are Amy and Lauren doing this?

We both get really excited about learning new things that we can do online, and we want to share our excitement with everyone! We’ll be doing these 23 Things along with you. There are some things that we are more familiar with than others, so there will definitely be learning involved on our part as well as yours. We’ve talked about doing a 23 Things project for awhile, and since we need to do a project to complete the requirements for the Executive Leadership Training workshop, we thought this was the perfect time to try it!

How long do I have to complete the program?

The program will begin the week of October 10. We will put each week’s lessons on the blog each week. There will be some free weeks with no tasks, so the program is anticipated to end in January 2011. According to other libraries, 1 to 3 hours were spent each week on the tasks.

Who can participate?

23 Things SCPL is open to everyone who works at the St. Charles Parish Library. It is not mandatory. Whether you’re a page or part-time employee or an administrator or a full-time employee, you can fit 23 Things SCPL into your workday. We talked to all of the supervisors. They agree.

Can I work ahead on my own?

We will be revealing the links to each week’s tasks on the Monday of that week, so it’s sort of impossible to work ahead. If you find yourself finished with the tasks for that week really early, talk about them with your coworkers who are also participating and see if they need help. Remember, part of the program is the social aspect of working together.

How do I keep track of my progress?

You will be asked to make a blog (Thing #4!) of your own to keep track of your progress. You will write your reactions to each task and other thoughts in your blog. Make sure to indicate what task you are blogging about! After completing a blog post for each task, make sure to check in.

Will there be any training classes?

No! 23 Things SCPL is a self-directed learning program, so there will be no classes or lessons to sit through. If you run into problems, first give yourself chance to play! We bet you can figure a lot of this out on your own. Most websites offer in-depth help pages, FAQ pages and tutorials.

We will also provide some instruction and training resources for each task on the 23 Things SCPL blog. You are also encouraged to find coworkers and other participants who can help. Be sure to share what you know too! Of course, if you get really stuck, contact Amy or Lauren.

Can I participate anonymously?

Yes. You control all of the information that you share on your blog, so you can choose a screen name that is nondescript. However, Amy and Lauren will need to know your identity. Just remember that your blog is not private in the online world! Anyone and everyone can read your blog.

What is the “stretch” part of each task?

If you’re already familiar with a particular task or are intrigued with one of them and you want to learn more about it, give the “stretch” part of the task a try. All of the “stretch” options are optional; you do not have to complete it to consider yourself finished with a task. If you do “stretch,” though, think about writing about it in your blog!

Why are YouTube videos not being blocked anymore?

A lot of the instruction that we use comes from YouTube videos that others have created. In order to make it easier for everyone, YouTube is being unblocked on staff computers for the duration of 23 Things SCPL.

What if I fall behind?

Don’t worry! Some tasks may be more challenging than others, and we all have responsibilities and unexpected emergencies that come up. 23 Things SCPL is designed to have a lot of flexibility. Even though the tasks are divided by week, you will have additional weeks at the end of the 10 weeks to finish the program. However, you should not procrastinate–it will be much easier to finish the program if you work on Things on a regular basis.

Why should I do this?

The joy of learning, the feeling of accomplishment that comes from finishing a project, and the ability to answer questions from patrons about our services and new online tools. Plus, we really think that it will be fun.

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