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23 Things SCPL is all about learning new things in a fun way! The program will showcase new (or newish) web tools that are being used in libraries and by our patrons. It is a hands-on learning program made up of 23 Things (or small exercises) that you can do on the web to explore and expand the knowledge of the Internet and online tools.

If you work with the public, you know that many of their questions concern computers. Will 23 Things SCPL teach you how to answer all of those questions? Probably not. However, it will give you more confidence to figure out the answers when you are asked these questions and introduce you to new tools to help solve problems.

There will be no sitting in classes or lectures! 23 Things SCPL is all hands-on learning at your own pace. You are totally in charge of your own learning.

We know that learning can sometimes be messy, so the things in 23 Things SCPL have no right answers or right ways to do things. The focus is on cooperation and learning together. Everyone who participates should be willing to help others when they ask and to ask others for help when needed. Share, help and encourage each other.

Each week of the program focuses on a specific type of tool, and each activity for that week will give you a chance to explore the tool and consider the ways you can use it in your personal life and in a library environment. These are tools that are changing the way people, libraries, and society access information and communicate with each other.

Our patrons are using them, so we should know about them too!

There will be five sections to each task:

WHAT (what the thing is)

WHY (why the thing is important)

HOW (how the thing is used)

SHARING (what to write about in your blog)

STRETCHING (extra, optional tasks)

The goals of 23 Things SCPL are simple – explore, play, share and have fun!

Get started by reading the first blog post!

  1. Hey guys. If you get a chance, could you drop me a line at thebookbuster at gmail? I’d be really interested to know what drew your attention to our version of 23 Things out of all the ones you could have picked.

    Best of luck with the program!

  2. Christine Hesse permalink

    This sounds like fun.

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