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Thing #23 – Keep Learning

December 19, 2010


Congratulations on reaching the end of the 23 Things SCPL!

Here are some things we hope you have learned through this experience:

  • Exploring new tools and technologies really doesn’t take that much time if you break your learning down into a manageable time frame. You have some new tools, like Google Reader and Delicious, that make finding news about new tools and ways to use them easier.
  • You know you can do it. Sure, there were trials and tribulations as you learned the new tools or struggled with glitches in the products, but you did finish and you did get the tools to work. That means the next time you see a new tool, you will be ready to figure it out and make it work for you. No fear!
  • It’s fun to know and use these tools. Admit it, YouTube can be entertaining–and you can even see some uses for it in your library. Some of the tools have more toy-like features than others, but others have obvious uses in a library setting.
  • We need to keep informed. It is easy to get so involved in the day-to-day tasks of storytime, library instruction, troubleshooting, developing programs, reference work, summer reading programs, collection development, and meetings. In spite of all that work, we do need to know what our patrons are using, talking about, and asking us for help with. As libraries continue to evolve, we need to be informed to evolve with them and guide the evolution.

We hope you have learned these plus many more new things during 23 Things SCPL!


It’s important to look back at the things we’ve done to see what we’ve learned from them and how we can continue learning.

23 Things SCPL introduced us to new tools that many of us may not have explored if it wasn’t for the program.

We need the support of each other so we have the time and help we need to learn and stay informed. We hope the communities that have developed around 23 Things SCPL will continue. Just think about how much we can continue to learn about each other if we keep updating our blogs!


Remember that presurvey that you took way back in Thing #1? We’d like for you to take another survey to see if anything has changed.

Also, for your last and final exercise for this program please reflect on your learning journey and post a few thoughts. This blog post (named Thing #23) will probably be a little longer than previous ones, but we really want to know what everyone thought about 23 Things SCPL and how we could make it better.

Here are some questions to help you with that. Please answer as many of the questions as you can in your final blog post!

  • What were your favorite Things and discoveries?
  • What were your least favorite?
  • What technologies do you think you’ll continue to use either personally or at work?
  • How could we use these tools to enhance our library services? Any specific tool come to mind?
  • Think back to Thing #2, Lifelong Learning. How has this program assisted or affected the lifelong learning goals that you came up with?
  • What other things would you like to learn more about that we didn’t cover?
  • How would you describe your 23 Things learning experience in one word or in one sentence?
  • If we offered another program like this in the future, would you participate?
  • What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept?
  • Any other parting thoughts to share with us?


For your final stretch activity, read your fellow participants’ final blog posts and comment on a few of them.

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