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Thing #22 – Your Choice

December 19, 2010


It’s time for you to choose what you want to explore in more detail! Throughout the course of 23 Things SCPL, we’ve explored just a small sampling of Internet technologies and websites that are empowering users with the ability to create and share content. Given time, there are so many more we could explore. And although time will tell which of these tools will remain on top, one thing is for sure, they’re not going to completely go away (at least anytime soon).

For this task, you are asked to choose one of the Things that we’ve explored and explore some more! We know that we’ve shown you a lot of cool things over the course of 23 Things SCPL, and you may have not had a chance to learn about some of the Things as much as you would have liked.


Well, 23 Things SCPL is almost over, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop exploring!


Use this exercise as a chance to revisit a Thing that you think could help you in your daily life or work. Or, just revisit a Thing that you had a lot of fun with! Remember, you can view a list of all of the tools on the timeline.

Look for features that you may have missed the first time. Create something new. Had a problem with one of the Things? Get some helpful hints from someone who seemed to really like that Thing.


What tool did you choose to revisit? Make sure you add a link to it. Why did you want to explore it in more detail? Did you discover anything new about that tool now that you’ve explored it some more?

Comment on the blog of at least one other participant after you’ve read about what tool he or she revisited. Name this blog post Thing #22.


Select any site/tool from the list of Web 2.0 Awards. With so many to choose from, it might be handy to first select a category that interests you and then simply select a tool/site to explore. Be careful to select a tool that is free and that doesn’t require a plug-in or download. The majority of these are free, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Explore the site you selected.

You’ll probably see a few familiar sites on the list: Delicious, Google products, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

Let us know in your blog post if you discovered something really cool!

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