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Thing #18 – YouTube

December 5, 2010


YouTube is a video hosting and sharing site – in other words, it’s a place where you can upload videos you’ve made for the world to see.  A social site like YouTube democratizes film making, the way that blogs democratize publishing.


YouTube (and other video sharing sites) is a quick and (relatively) painless way of getting your AV content out onto the web.  YouTube is often used as a discovery tool; it’s a great place to go to learn how to do anything from creating flash animation to fly fishing.

Without installing software or even setting up an account, you can view videos and embed them on your blog or website (they don’t have to be yours – you can embed any video you find on YouTube). For those who register for a free account, YouTube provides additional features turning it into a social networking service.

These features include the ability to…

• create a profile
• customize your profile with favorites, playlists, and subscriptions to channels & tags
• upload & tag your videos
• “friend” other YouTube users
• send messages, and even broadcast messages to all your YouTube friends
• rate and add comments to videos


Explore YouTube & find a video worth adding as an entry in your blog. You can do this by clicking   under the video window.
Depending on how your blog is set up, you’ll do different things with that embed code.

Instructions on how to embed video into a Blogger blog

Instructions for a WordPress blog


In addition to embedding a video into your blog, write a little about your experience.  How do you think our library could use YouTube for our services and programs?

Name this blog post Thing #18.


Look at some examples of creative ways libraries are using YouTube:

Calgary Public Library Story Time (no, it’s not the kind of storytime you’re thinking of!)
Tour the Harper College Library (this one is a hoot!)
iACPL 4.0 (Allen County Public Library’s homage to the “I’m a Mac; I’m a PC” commercials)
QandANJ: Now Your Library is Open Late Night Too! (this ad originally aired during the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards)
The Best of Library 2.0 Playlist on YouTube

Wikipedia’s list of video sharing websites.

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  1. Lauren and Amy – love your video! It made me laugh!

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