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Thing #10 – Flickr

November 7, 2010


Discover online photo sharing with Flickr!  Photo sharing websites have been around since the 90s, but it took a small startup site called Flickr to catapult the idea of “sharing” into a full blown online community. Within the past year, Flickr has become the fastest growing photo sharing site on the web and is known as one of the first websites to use keyword “tags” to create associations and connections between photos and users of the site.

For this Thing, you are asked to take a good look at Flickr and discover what this site has to offer. Find out how tags work, what groups are, and all the neat things that people and other libraries are using Flickr for.  Here is a link to the St. Charles Parish Library Flickr account.  The Library of Congress has a Flickr account–with more than 3,000 photos that you are invited to tag.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand tagging now. We will cover tags and tagging next week in Things #13, #14 and #15.  For now, just think of them as keywords.


Aside making it easy for your friends and family all around the world to see your pictures, Flickr is a service that fits in well with the goal of of making information and resources accessable to as wide an audience as possible.  Numerous libraries, museums and other institutions have made part or all of their image collections available via Flickr’s Commons project.

Flickr is also a very good source of Creative Commons material that you can use.  Likewise, thanks to the Commons project, it can also be a useful research tool.  We’ll cover licensing with Creative Commons in Thing #20, so just tuck it away for now.


  1. Watch Online Photo Sharing in Plain English (2:50) – from the folks
    at Common Craft
  2. Take the Flickr Tour
  3. View: Popular tags and Interesting photos – Last 7 days


You have two options.


1. Take a good look around Flickr and find an interesting image that you want to blog about. You can explore Flickr photos, search the tags, view various groups, and more without a Flickr account.

2. Use any keyword(s) (baseball, cats, library cats, babies, whatever…) to find photos with those tags. When you find an interesting image or group, comment on your experience finding images, using Flickr, and anything else related to the exercise. Upload the image (Blogger) to your blog (be sure to credit the photographer).  WordPress instructions are here. Don’t forget to include a link to the image in the post.

–OR– the more fun option


1. Create a Free Account in Flickr (note that Flickr is now part of Yahoo! If you have a Yahoo! account for email or MyYahoo!, log in with that).
2. Then use a digital camera to capture a few pictures of something in your library.
3. Upload these to your new Flickr account and tag at least one of the images with 23thingsSCPL. Be sure to mark the photo public.
4. Add one or more of your images to your blog. You can add the image in one of two ways:

—  Flickr’s blogging tool (need a Flickr account to see the button) lets you click the Blog This button (right above the picture) and add any public photo on Flickr to your blog. Be sure to give credit to the photographer if it is not your photo.
—  Blogger’s photo upload feature lets you add photos from your computer or from the Web and choose the placement in the blog post. Click the little photo icon in the toolbar on the New Post page—it is in the row of tools above the post box. Follow the instructions in the pop up box.  
WordPress instructions are here.

5. Once you have the photo uploaded and tagged, create a post in your blog about your photo and Flickr experience.  Will you use Flickr for the library, for your personal photos, or in another way?

***Keep in mind that when posting identifiable photos of other people (especially minors) get the person’s permission before posting their photo in a publicly accessible place like Flickr. Never upload pictures to your Flickr account that weren’t taken by you (unless you have the photographer’s consent) and always give credit when you include photos taken by someone else in your blog.

Name this blog post Thing #10.


If you have a Flickr account, consider joining and contributing photos to a Flickr group.  Consider adding your Flickr account to the Participants Page using the Add My Profile Form!




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