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Thing #1 – About 23 Things SCPL

September 24, 2010


Thing 1 – About 23 Things SCPL


You want to know what you’re getting into, right?


Read the About page and learn about the program. Look at the Timeline and FAQ pages.

Ask Amy or Lauren any questions you have about 23 Things SCPL.

Discuss with your supervisor how you’re going to fit 23 Things SCPL into your work week; remember, all of your regular assigned work will still need to be completed. Other libraries who have presented this sort of program indicate that participants spent 1 to 3 hours per week on the tasks.

We’ve also got a survey for you to take! Please answer honestly; all responses are anonymous. The results will help us to judge the success of this project. Click here for the survey. If you already took the survey, that’s great! Only take it once.


Talk to your coworkers and see if they’re participating! If they’re unsure, tell them that it will be fun.


Look at other libraries’ 23 Things programs: TwentyThree Things UWA 2010 and Vermont’s 23 Things and the original 23 Things Program at PLCMC.

  1. I am very new to blogging! I am looking forward to the 23 things prrogram and to becoming a better social networker!

  2. purplegiggles permalink

    I really like the UWA site’s theme. The wood and parchment grabbed my attention and made me want to explore.

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